Friday, August 19, 2011

FF - fun keyword searches

Do you have any analytics software installed on your blog?

I use Google Analytics and it allows me to slice and dice the hits coming to my blog.  One of those is the keywords that people use to search and land on my blog.  Here are 5 of the funnest (is that a word? It’s not…) searches that landed my blog this past month.

1.  Living with 2 girlfriends - 6 searches, stayed on the blog for about a minute and looked at an average of 5 pages.  Don’t you wonder what it is that they found on this blog that made them stay?  And why are there so many searches that land on my blog?

2.  august 2011 baby tree falls on stroller - 2 searches, stayed on the blog for about 3 minutes and looked at an average of 5 pages.  Oh my goodness.  I’m terrified for these people.

3.  how to eat delicious dried fish goldfish russian - 1 search, stayed on the blog for less than a minute and only looked at an average of 1 page.  Are the fish Russian?

4.  fart - 1 search, stayed on the blog for under a minute and looked at an average of 2 pages.  For the record, girls do not fart.  I have no idea what they found here.

5. talk to poop - 1 search, stayed on the blog for under a minute and looked at an average of 1 page.  Do I talk about poop a lot here?

Got any fun(ny) searches to share?

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  1. They were all me. It's time I admit it. And, yes, the goldfish HAVE to be Russian

  2. hahahaha! I look everday at my stats to see what people searched. The best one was "Naked Man on Trampoline." For the record no one has ever been naked jumping on a trampoline in any of my posts. Yesterday someone came for a visit from searching "hamster bit me." The #1 search that lands people at my blog is. "How well do you know your significate other." There is probably 3 a day.

  3. Hehe. Do you ever try recreating the search they did to see what else is in the search results? I think that can get pretty interesting...!

  4. LMAO this is great! I have to check this out for my blog!

  5. I'll have to figure out how to set up my Google Analytics, because this is hilarious!

  6. "Talk to Poop"?? Really??? I think I'm scared for whoever googled that the most.

  7. These are great! How do you set up Google Analytics? I thought I had done it, but apparently not as nothing shows up when I go in there.

  8. wow these are hilarious! I don't have any analytics set up - I just started my blog and am still maybe one day I'll figure that out :)

  9. I am a stat stalker for sure.... and get all kinds of weird traffic, and some a little disturbing actually :/

  10. Haha This is too funny. I get some weirdo ones too. And yes only smelly boys fart!

  11. A lot of the searches leading to my blog have to do with licking Disney princesses. Ew.


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