Saturday, August 13, 2011

A Glimpse - Day 6

First and foremost, did you enter the Giveaway for a $25 gift card to


Secondly, excuse me as I slow down in the posts after this weekend and begin working on transferring my blog to Wordpress.  I’m still not sure what I’ll end up doing, but I did select a host and bought all the stuff I need.  My initial plan is to try it myself, most likely mess things up, and then pay someone to fix it.  Like my plan?   Got any advice to give me?


Now let’s talk about our Saturday.


Peanut doesn’t seem to understand that it’s the weekend no matter how much we try to explain it to her, so she woke up at 6am.


I dragged her into bed with us and fed her.  Then I pumped while she played and Jon snored next to me (ok, he doesn’t actually snore but I’m a little bitter about the fact that he got to sleep in).


Actually, I should tell you that I got way too involved in my blog transfer last night and we didn’t end up going to bed until way too late…later than we have gone in over a year!  So waking up this morning was painful.


Around 7:30am we were all still hanging out in bed, so I grabbed Peanut her pacifier and let her fall asleep between us (don’t worry, I removed all pillows, blankets, etc from around her and made sure we were all super safe).  That lasted a total of 30 minutes when she woke up, crying.  I fed her again and nudged (I actually pushed and shoved) Jon to wake up and take her.  Then I tried to fall back asleep.


Jon took Peanut downstairs to play while I tossed and turned, then finally, gave up.


Around 9am I got up, made us some breakfast, fed Peanut her breakfast, poured a coffee.




Breakfast: croissant with cheese and turkey pepperoni.


After breakfast, Jon got in the shower while I played with the baby. 




Then we traded.




Around 11:30am I pumped, packed the milk, put Peanut in the car seat to fall asleep and we headed out to Mystic.




We got stuck in some silly traffic, which meant that Peanut woke up a little earlier than we expected (we planned for her to sleep through the whole drive).  I climbed in the back and entertained her while we finished the drive.


We got to the Mystic Aquarium around 12:50pm and used our library pass for a discounted ticket price.  Peanut loved seeing all the bright fish and the kids running around.




There were so many kids!  And a ton of babies.  Apparently, we weren’t the only ones with the bright idea to go to the aquarium.


After we visited all the fishes, penguins, turtles, and sea lions, we went across the street and checked out the Mystic village and the car show.


We walked around, got some grilled cheese sandwiches (with roasted spinach, garlic, and pesto), then around 3:20pm we headed home while Peanut napped in the car.


At home, I fed her and headed out to the grocery store (I was getting rather sick of take out) while Jon mowed our overgrown lawn.  (Are you noticing a theme at my house? It’s called we-re-behind-on-everything.)


At home, I made Peanut some more fruit options (we were running low) by cooking, mashing and freezing pears, peaches, nectarines, and plums.  I even saved some of the plum juice to give to her instead of buying the concentrate stuff.  She loved it!


After dinner for Peanut (green beans and sweet potato), Jon gave her a bath while I finished her food (I made 4 ice cube trays).   Then we all played until 7:20pm.  I nursed Peanut to bed, we ate dinner (leftovers from past couple nights) and we settled on the couch.


I pumped and got myself a beer.  Now I’ll be here, messing around with Wordpress until (hopefully) 10pm when we’ll head to bed.


Tomorrow is the last day in the series!  Are you thinking of doing it?  It’s been so much fun!


  1. don't take this the wrong way but my favorite part of reading these "glimpses" is the realization that other people's lives are just as mundane as mine :) haha

  2. Gina that's exactly what I was thinking too!

    As always you look super cute! And that pic of Peanut in the car is so cute!! You have a reallyh nice hubby cause mine has to have a right then cooked meal for supper. No leftovers. However, he is also a really good cook so he'll cook supper about twice a week. I've really enjoyed these daily glimpses into your life.

  3. I have a pair of shorts just like yours, I call them my golf shorts. But yesterday my fiance begged me not to bring them on our honeymoon! HAHA he admitted that he hates them for some reason! And he usually never expresses much of an opinion on what I wear.... except the occasional "oh, that one is nice."

    I think the big question is, did YOU enjoy doing the glimpse. That would really help me decide if I'm going to give it a go or not.

  4. I enjoyed very much reading about your days! Plain, simple, and very happy!

  5. Love the idea of saving the plum juice! Hadn't thought of that and am definitely going to try it.


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