Thursday, August 18, 2011

Q & A - the Q

You know what I realized today?  That we haven't done a Q & A in a while.  So leave a comment on this post with your questions, and I'll post the answers in future posts.

Feel free to peruse the previous Q & A posts.

I'm relatively open (be nice) about most topics.  Here are some popular ones

  • Breastfeeding & pumping
  • Peanut's sleep training
  • Our toys
  • Daycare
  • The dog
  • Our schedule and chores
  • My (current lack of) work outs
  • Baby food
  • Adult food

Okay, have at it.


  1. You mentioned in your "glimpse" posts that you don't wash your hair every day. Then you said it was a long story. That got me curious about your hair and makeup routine.

  2. Are you guys considering Peanut Number 2 someday? You two make beautiful babies :)

  3. Totall agree with Lisa - Peanut should be in catalogs!

    Do you ever let Peanut watch TV? Like maybe put a kids show on to distract her for a half hour or so while you try to get things done?

    I'll admit that I let my son watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse a half hour before he eats dinner (he has to be in his jumperoo otherwise he would crawl around) so that I can get his food ready without someone climing all over me! Have started to feel a little guilty about it though...

  4. How far does your family live from you? Do you see them regularly?

    What kind of vehicles do you guys drive?

    How did Travis get his name?

    I don't know what to ask you! lol

  5. I have a breastfeeding question. Now that Peanut is on solids, how many bottles and/or breastfeedings does she get a day? Do you pump enough for all her bottles at daycare?

  6. I love Q & A's :)

    I don't know if you've explained it in the blog before (if you have...point me to the post!) but I'm always curious about how you and your family came to move from Russia? Do you still have family over there, and have you been for any return visits?

  7. Cool concept!

    My question is very blogger focused -- I really enjoy and respect your blog. So, my question is, how did you grow your blog and network yourself online to build a strong following from peopleother than your friends and immediate family? Any tips for a fairly newbie blogger, as I just started dedicating a lot more time to mine in the last 6 - 9 months?

  8. I agree with the first question asked. What is the leave in shampoo product that you use so you don't have to wash your hair everyday! I hate washing mine every day but if I don't I look like I haven't showered for a week!!!

  9. What is your final decision on Wordpress? Are you going to switch over? And if so, what prompted that decision?

  10. How did you decide on a daycare? I have to pick a babysitter (first non-relative to care for my daughter), and don't know how to start or what to look for! Also, have you been happy with your experience?

  11. I'm loving the solids stage, and Katie is such a good eater. Right now we are juggling solds and breastfeeding so just like Aimee I'm curious about Pea's BF/bottles/solids schedule.

    How many times does she breastfeed now that she's older? How often does she take a bottle? Have you ever given her formula? How often does she eat solids and how much does she eat in a sitting?


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