Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Glimpse - Day 7

Well, folks, it’s Sunday.  Which means that this is officially my last post in the Glimpse series.  I’m not going to lie to ya - I’m going to miss these.  It’s been a ton of fun!


This morning Peanut woke up just after 6am (which, in case you haven’t noticed, is the exact same time she wakes up every single morning).  I fed her in bed, then played a bit while I pumped.


Since Jon looked all peaceful and stuff, I let him sleep in while Peanut and I played in the basement, aka the playroom.




Around 8am she was ready for her first nap, so I put her in her crib (where she fussed a bit but fell asleep), and got myself some breakfast (yogurt, banana, and coffee).




The new Crate & Barrel catalogue came, which means that I spent the rest of Peanut’s nap rearranging some of our kitchen and living room.


Jon woke up, saw the Crate & Barrel catalogue, saw me walking around our living room, moving stuff, nodded knowingly, and went to brush his teeth.


At 9am Peanut woke up from her nap, so I fed her and we continued our play.




She’s very bossy.  I guess at least she knows what she wants and doesn’t take “no” for an answer (unless you want to hear a wailing baby for hours on end).


Jon and I took turns watching the kid and getting some chores done.  In addition to moving all the accessories and some electronics between the two rooms, I also vacuumed, got some laundry going, and cooked.  Jon dusted, continued the laundry, and cleaned up the bathroom.


Then I gave the dog a haircut and a bath.




He was not a fan.


Peanut took a nap from noon until 1, at which point Jon fed her abottle because I was still cutting the dog’s hair.  I ended up pumping right after.


Somewhere in here we also ate lunch (turkey, cheese, avocado, tomato and lettuce on whole wheat).


To prepare for the week (since we actually have groceries now), I made us some of these mini lasagnas,




and these cookies.




Peanut took her last nap from 2:45pm until about 3:30pm.  While I was feeding her, she fell back asleep.




I didn’t have the heart to bother her, so I just sat around, playing on my phone for a half hour or so until she woke up.


Apparently, rainy days make everybody sleepy.




after some more play time in the basement,  we fed Peanut dinner (sweet potato, green beans, and yellow squash), then had some dinner ourselves (the mini lasagnas). 


I think you all know the drill here.






play time, then bed for Peanut around 7:30pm.


After she goes to bed, I’ll take a bath, do my nails (it’s my Sunday ritual), and settle down on the couch next to my husband to watch the finale of Food Network Star and blog.


Ah Sundays, how I love you.


Back to regular blogging schedule tomorrow.  Starting with a weekly recap.


Are you going to miss seeing my boring, monotonous days?

I’m dying to see your weeks - if you’re up for it!


  1. I LOVED this whole series. I think it's fascinating to see someone's true, real life schedule. Mostly, it's reminded me a hundred times over that I love having a toddler much more than having a baby and the schedule that goes with a baby. lol But you and your husband seem like such a great team and like you have everything together so well.

  2. Finally! I can comment...let's see....I have been trying to tell you all week I want to do a glimpse series but am too afraid everyone will be have such great pictures to go w/ yours. If I do decide to do one it won't be until October. I'll be pretty much out of town the rest of the month and then I'm on a break in September!

  3. I'm always on my phone so can't really comment but I'm finally on a computer so here goes... LOVED reading this series. It's especially helpful as a new mom to see the "schedule" light at the end of the tunnel. I don't see much of a schedule in our every day lives, we kind of just do whatever we, and by that I mean Zoey, wants. Fine for now I suppose (6 weeks in). Anyway, one question, when you put Peanut down for bed do you still get up with her for night feedings or does she sleep through until 6 am?

    I don't get a lot of "me time" but I'm still religiously reading your blog (it's now the only one I read!) It's so helpful. Thanks!

    ~ GGG

  4. Peanut is precious as ever, and your food looks great! :) Thanks for this series!

  5. I am convinced that Peanut (whose "real" name I just realized I don't know!!!!) and Thatcher need to date one day. She is so darn cute and the perfect size for him since he's little, too! Ha!

    I am definitely going to do this, but I have to wait until next week. As much as I'd love to humor everyone with the crazy week ahead, I have to keep Thatcher home from school tomorrow b/c he has had a fever and it would just be all sorts of crazy. I am kind of excited - have loved this glimpse into your world!

  6. Those mini lasagnas do look yummy!

  7. Peanut is adorable! The day in the life were nice to see the schedule of a baby and those mini lasagnas look awesome! You should post the recipe! :)

  8. Thanks for the week! I'm going to miss my daily "fix" of your life. I'm definitely going to keep the idea and do it when I'm done with my blog challenge. (also, my husband laughed when I told him that I now have PROOF that I'm not the only one who goes on a decorating spree when teh C&B catalog comes out! - it's almost as bad as drinking too much coffee and watching Hoarders!

  9. First of all, your girl with a bow in her hair is to die for!
    second...that toy thats behind her in the first set of pictures...what is it called? Gemma NEEDS one!! :)

  10. I loved your series, especially the food which always sounded so delicious.

  11. I've loved this series Kat! Thank you for sharing! I'm tempted to do a series but it won't be until September at least, since I'm working on my 31 day challenge at the moment!

  12. How about another week! lol I really enjoyed it. I will be starting my glimpse's today. Mine isn't nearly as exciting as yours!

    And recipe for those mini lasagnas please! They look yummy!

  13. Loved the series! And I'm absolutely doing it once I've "officially" got the offer at the new job. Couldn't really start it when it was: interview, come home and lie to current company about where I was, make up time when I should be sleeping, etc... ;)

  14. It's been a fun series! I may have to go for it, too. Little Peanut in the bathtub is too precious! I've loved all your photos of her most of all. And that part about the Pottery Barn catalog made me laugh!

  15. Oooh! Oooh! I want a play room!


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