Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A glimpse - Day 3

These work days are going to get pretty monotonous.  Sorry, gang.


This morning Peanut woke up and cried just before 5 am.  After letting her fuss for about 5 minutes and watching the monitor as she tried to stick the paci in her mouth, unsuccessfully, we gave her the paci.  She fell asleep until about 6:10am when I got up, pulled her into bed with us and breastfed her.  Then I pumped while P played in bed.








Then daddy took over so I could shower.




They played while I got ready.



I could lie and tell you that I made my bed after this, but the truth is that I now only make my bed when guests come over.


At 7:40am we were all ready to go.





Today Jon did the drop off while I headed straight to the office.


After I got a coffee and sorted out my snacks,




I got on with my busy day.  Today there were a lot of phone calls.




Around 9:30am I realized that I forgot some parts to my pump (this happens about once a month…I need a new brain) and ended up taking one of my calls on my cell (don’t worry, I used hands-free) while running back to the house and then back to work (about 25 minutes round trip).


I pumped at my usual 10:30am schedule then dove right back in to work.


At noon I was stuck on the phone, so Jon ran out to get us some lunch.


Two side stories.


First, Jon and I work together but we rarely see each other.  Our office is pretty small, yet we manage to only run into one another once or twice.  We’re very important (and have many leather-bound books that smell of rich mahogany).


Secondly, we usually pack our lunch.  But last night someone forgot to put our left-overs in the fridge, so we had to get Subway.  And although usually I would get something super healthy, I wasn’t in the mood and I’ve been eating great all week, so I went for a meatball sub.  The foot long.  With chips.  And a soda (and not the diet kind).


And then I ate most of it.



This is what was left after I picked the second half apart.


Then I almost died of fullness.


But was cheered right back up by this creeper.




At 2:30pm I pumped, followed by more work.


At 5pm I left the office to pick up my little Peanut and head home.


At home, I changed immediately.




This is pretty much what I wear when I’m not out in public: nursing tank and shorts.  I’m not sure why I look pregnant in this tank top, but I’m guessing it has something to do with its size (it’s the smallest one they had but it fit me just fine 2 days after giving birth, so…who knows what’s up with that). (Does anyone notice my dog laying in the background again?)


Jon and I spent some time playing with Peanut.




Her new favorite activity (in addition to being walked around the house) is to play with our recycling.



At 6:15pm we fed Peanut dinner (homemade sweet potato and zucchini) and then Jon gave her a bath while I cleaned up.




I swear, he does smile from time to time.




Then we all played in Addi’s bedroom until 7:15pm when I breastfed her and rocked her (more for me than for her) until about 7:45pm.


Jon made us a couple of burgers with whole wheat buns with a side of mixed veggies.


Now we’re back on the couch where I’ll blog, read some blogs, edit pictures and watch some Teen Mom followed by Giuliana & Bill while Jon works next to me on his laptop and shakes his head in disgust at my show selections.


You know the rest: I’ll pump around 9pm and might have a glass of wine (it’s been a long day, don’t judge me) before heading to bed at 10.


Happy hump day - the week is officially more than half-way through!


  1. THANK YOU for making me feel better about splurging and getting a [footlong] meatball sub today for lunch... I can now proudly say that I was not alone in doing so. It was just a day that called for one! (I'm also glad to see that I'm not the only one who adds veggies to my meatballs - my hubby makes fun of me for that)

    Also, your comfy clothes look really comfy, but I must say I am starting to get jealous of all your cute work clothes - a cute dress and heels every day this week! Go you!

    Okay - clearly I'm chatty and should probably write a post of my own. But thanks for your daily updates... they're fun!

  2. you guys are such healthy eaters! good job!

  3. what a day!! I've totally forgotten pump parts at work too and always feel so defeated when I do that!! Peanut is your will f. humor slid in there...totally made me laugh out loud:)

  4. You're lucky the nursing tank looks that good. I had to get an EXTRA LARGE. Seriously. Stupid gigantic boobs. An XL on lil ole me looks ridiculous. Oh, but I still wear it.

  5. I am so impressed that you wear such cute dresses to work! I think I was a walking zombie for the first 9 months or so after my babies.

  6. first, i NEVER make my bed. i am so dadgum lazy!! second, i LIVE in those nursing tanks...mine make me look slightly preggo too but they are comfy so whatev!

  7. I am loving these posts! Our little peanuts are around the same age so it's nice to have a glimpse into what another family's day is like :)

  8. I'm such a creeper! I want to be in every post!

    That picture of Addison right out of the bath cracks me up. She looks dazed.

  9. Gurl! How can a little thing like you eat a foot long sub? I love food and I can hardly finish a 6 incher!! I don't make my bed unless company is coming over! We had burgers too last night with the homemade fries. I had just dug the potatoes. I think they were the best I've ever had! You look so cute in your work clothes! I do have to say I would find a different job if I had to dress up everyday. I wear jeans and a nice top every single day!! It's wonderful! And girl you look super cute in your comfy clothes. Is there anything you don't look good in? I wear my after work hours clothes and I look like a bag lady!

  10. Dude Teen Mom is awesome. Don't let Jon make you feel bad about watching it.

  11. I'm not surprised that I'm the only one commenting on your cute outfits, I never, never wear heels!
    I'm also very impressed that Jon even tolerates Bill and Guiliana (sp)if anything on E comes on after 5pm he has a hissy fit!

  12. I love these Day in the Life Series. I attempted it, but failed by only doing 1 day. Oops!


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