Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Glimpse - Day 4

This morning Jon was gone by 6 am for a work thingy so I had to hold down the front on my own.  That means that I had to wake up, grab P, feed her in bed, play with her while pumping, then somehow get her dressed, shower, get myself dressed, put on make up, not look like a slob, let the dog out, make sure he comes home alive, feed the dog, pack my pump stuff (and not forget pieces, see Day 3), pack the baby stuff (and not forget her stuff...that also happens about once a week), grab everything and head out the door all before 7:45am.



Let's see how I did.

6am: pick up the baby, feed her in bed.

6:25am: set up pump stuff (hands-free), entertain the baby.

6:45am: finish pumping, pick up the baby and drag her to the kitchen with me.  Somehow manage to keep her upright on the counter without knocking anything over with her grubby little hands while unhooking my pump stuff, capping the bottles and storing them in the fridge.  Kat -1, spilled milk-0.  I won this round.

6:50am: let dog outside.  Change the baby out of her 20-pound diaper, air out the bottom to keep diaper rash away, get her dressed into her outfit, brush her hair.

7:00am: let the dog back inside.  He's been barking at the door for 10 minutes.  I asked him if he peed and pooped, but he just nosed his way past my legs and into the living room. I shrugged.  The baby laughed.  The two of us (humans) put some food in his bowl, told him to go eat his food.  He looked at me, wagged his tail and settled on the rug in the living room.  I shrugged.

7:05am: I popped the baby in the bouncer and moved the bouncer to the bathroom, got in the shower and proceeded to sing the Itsy Bitsy Spider and Patty Cake while showering to keep the baby from becoming too bored and crying in the bouncer.  After my 3 minutes shower (I wasn't taking any risks plus I wash my hair every other day...long story), I grabbed the baby out of the bouncer that she was whining in and put her on the bed, loading her up with toys.

7:10am: got dressed, brushed hair, put on make-up.  Turned around about 15 times to hand the baby a new toy so she would stop asking to be picked up and walked around the house (probably in the direction of the recycling).  Sprayed hair with dry shampoo, sprayed it with scrunching stuff, scrunched, put on a head band. Pick up now-crying baby.

7:35am: tell the dog to eat his food again.  Watch him wag his tail and ignore me.  Pack up the baby stuff.  Pack up the pump stuff.  Take it all out and make sure I got everything.  Re-pack.  Put the baby in the car seat.  Scratch my head about how to pick everything up and head out the door in as few trips as possible while wearing heels.  Bring the dog to the basement and put him in his crate.

7:45am: walk out the door.  1 trip.




Go ahead and applaud.


The rest of the day went about the same as the last two.


Work.  Eat breakfast and have a coffee.  Pump at 10:30am.  Eat and apple.  Have another cup of coffee. Work.




ps- Like my shoes?




My super-trendy and super-fashionable sister-in-law got these as our Bridesmaid shoes for her wedding.  I am absolutely in love with them and wear them often - hence the scuff marks.


Lunch: chicken with broccoli over brown rice, egg roll and water.  I swear this almost never happens, but since I haven't gone grocery shopping in over 2 weeks (there are actual tumble weeds rolling through my fridge as we speak...seriously) plus Jon left too early and didn't make me any lunch (that's his daily chore; mine's dinner), I had very little choice.




Okay, okay, I had plenty of choices but since I'm super important (see Day 3) and had to work through lunch plus I was starting to turn into a monster because I was hungry, I just went with it.  At least I got brown rice.  The end.


I lied - not the end.  I ate the entire thing.  Yup.  Now, the end.




Work some more.  Pump at 2:30pm.  Have another snack.  Work.




Watch the creepster walk by.




At 5pm I got a text message from Jon that he would pick Peanut up, so I headed home.


Where this package was waiting for me!




We set it up and played for a while.




Then realized that we need to buy 2 more sets to fill out the “playroom” area in the basement.   Oh well, good thing that we have some more amazon points that we can use.


At 6:15pm we fed the baby (homemade yellow squash from our garden), played for a while in her room, fed her and put her to bed.


Jon ran out and got us a pizza (I have no groceries in the house, I’m not kidding) with half olives (for him) and half peppers and onions (for me).   By 7:50pm our butts were in their respective couch indents where we stuffed our faces and watched Chopped.


I pumped early today (8:30pm) and got Peanut’s bottles ready for tomorrow.  Now it’s time for some blogging, possibly a glass of wine, and more vegging and being couch potatoes.  Bedtime at 10pm.




PPS- Did you enter my giveaway?


  1. Um...are you me? Your life is my life. I am watching Chopped, drinking wine and my couch indent is sinking deeper!

  2. I wash my hair about every 2-3 days as well but that's because I have so much of it! Also, my husband love olives on his pizza as well :-).

  3. I'll have a new hair style for you tomorrow.

    Now I want pizza again (we had it on Monday).

    p.s. don't forget your fitness orb!

  4. Sister, I feel you on your morning! I am on my own every day if it makes you feel better b/c the husband works in finance and has to be at work before the market opens. So, baby, mom & dog are left to fend for themselves! This is random, but we make lunch at night (while doing dinner) AND we cut all of the fruit and put it in tupperware on Sundays (or if we were doing salad, etc -- all ready on Sunday). Makes it easier to "grab and go" on days like today :)

  5. Lol, this is my morning but add in two dogs and swap out one baby for a 7 month old son and a 3 year old son. It's CRAZY! Good luck and know I totally understand what you are going through.

  6. Kat, I am still lovin' these posts! Please inform me about your "hands free" pump. Is it the type of pump or do you have one of those bras...what?! Whatever it is, I need one. Thanks! Lana :)

  7. I'm loving these posts Kat, it's really interesting to see how incredibly busy your days are! I don't know how you have energy to blog after everything else you do!

  8. I love these posts. As a new mom myself who is about to go back to work, I love seeing how someone else does it and how I might be able to get my schedule to work...if I was ever as organized as you!

  9. pumping is something i really do not miss. i was so glad to retire that machine. good for you for doing it, though!


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