Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Favorite toys, 3 to 6 months

I’m starting to think that this is one of my favorite ages to date (ha…ha…I’m so funny).  Peanut has really become a little opinionated person, learning how to reach, grab, and even pass toys from one hand to the other.  We’ve loved watching her develop.


Here are some of her favorites:


Rubber Duckies



I can’t seem to stop singing the Rubber Ducky song from Sesame Street (by the way, did you know that are pre-taped episodes of it On Demand?  It’s a great distraction for a couple of minutes while I cut Peanut’s nails).  Any-who.  Peanut absolutely adores her rubber duckies.  We have 3 (they don’t look like this, but they’re also pretty funny).  Before she was able to full sit up, she used to lean back in the tub and shuffle her rubber duckies around with her feet (for whatever reason my kid thinks that her feet are another set of hands).  Now she gets a kick out of rubber duckies “diving” from various heights into the tub and making a splash.  We can’t seem to get enough of them and they’re a sure way to bring on a round of giggles.


Rattles, crunching books, and other loud things


toys 104

[I couldn’t find these online, sorry gang]


Peanut just loves her rattles.  In fact, rattles of any kind are her favorite.  She loves the noise they make, she loves putting them in her mouth and exploring their textures and she loves the colors.  The toy on the left mesmerizes her when you turn it upside down and back again and watch the little balls rattle down.  The rattle on the right has to be her very favorite.  She actually learned to turn her hand over to turn the rattle upside down and then back again to make the little loops go up and down.  It’s amazing to watch her learn all this.  The book makes all sorts of crunching noises, has some moving parts on the handle and lets us put in pictures of ourselves inside a protective sleeve.  Aside from sticking it in her mouth and making the crunching noise, P gets all excited when I point out “Peanut with mommy” and “Peanut with daddy” on each page.  All of these (and actually about 80% of all our baby toys) are hand-me downs from our neighbors and friends.


Toys that sing




This one is P’s all-time favorite but she pretty much likes any toy that sings.  Initially we stuck this on her car seat, stroller, and just about everything else.  She loved moving the little rattles and grabbing the mirror.  By 6 months she loves pulling on the froggy and making him sing by pressing his eyes (I’m pretty sure it’s not really on purpose but she gets the general idea and can do it about 70% of the time).  We have so many toys that sing (and by now know every single tune by heart and end up whistling it in the shower). 


Move & Crawl ball




We bought this awesomeness at a consignment shop ($7 for a $14 toy? Yes please).  It is so freakin’ cool.  The little lady bug spins and moves around, the buttons make noises, play songs.  And the ball rolls around on its own (there is alittle weight inside that makes it move depending on the button Peanut presses).  P just loves pressing the buttons and playing with the little tags.






Did you know that these existed?  Because I certainly did not until about a month or so ago.  Peanut seeks out the little tags on every single toy she owns.  One day I was whining to my bestie about Peanut putting yet another tag into her mouth when she said, “Have you bought her any taggy toys?” Taggy toys? What?! Why have I not heard of this?  (Apparently there are taggy clothes too!)  Jon and I ran out to the consignment shop and bought two of them ($5 each!) - the one pictured above and a book.  Peanut was in love.  She can’t get enough of these (although she still manages to seek out the actual tag on the taggy toy).  Then her Gigi bought her a taggy puppy!  Now she spends every single morning taking turns sucking on every one of them (they’re different textures) and then just sitting there with the tail of the puppy in her mouth.  It’s pretty funny to watch.  If your kid is like mine and loves tags, I suggest you seek these out immediately.  You won’t be sorry.


Got any toys to add to my list?


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  2. We had all those toys! That singing frog stroller/carseat/bouncy seat attachment now sounds like death. LOL But he loved it for so long. We got that move and crawl ball as a hand-me-down from my sister. It's awesome. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the 4-6 month period.

  3. The Fisher Price Stack N Surprise Blocks Songs N Smiles Sillytown was a huge hit when Connor was six months and could sit up - even with some support. I would sit him in the boppy pillow in front of this when ever I needed to take a shower!

  4. Those look like some pretty fun toys...nothing like when I was that age! Lol!

  5. We have that ball too! Also bought at a consignment shop. But, most days Zoe could take it or leave it...which is completely surprising to me, because she LOVES balls. I thought it would be a total hit.

  6. you know, I never had a single rubber duck as a kid! I was so deprived! haha We used all of our mcDonalds toys as bath tub toys!

  7. B loves rubber duckies... anytime I see them I buy one.
    She picks them up in the bath tub and say "duck?"

  8. Must go buy tag toy... NOW! Sadie freaking loves tags, loops etc.


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